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Skill One

We know skill and know it well.  We were the first company to transition for Ohio and we’ve developed multiple different variations of the system to meet many other compliance requirements in areas around the country.  We have configurations that include hand counts, timers, prereveal, doors instead of spinning reels, all games can win feature, and many more that will guarantee a configuration that will fit your local requirements. 


Skill Two

We’ve implemented many unique skill features.  Traditional nudge style is the original.  But the new symbol select is the current and most popular one.  You are presented with two symbols that requires the customer to pick the correct one to complete the puzzle.  And last we introduced reel holds that allow you to pick 2 of the first three reels to try and allign like symbols adjacent to each and the third reel will respin to see if you can allign symbols to complete the puzzle.  


Skill Three

Skill is undoubtedly where our market is going to eventually 100% in most all markets.  We are in constant development of new and exciting skill features to keep the customers entertained all while maintaining compliance.  This is vital to the success of any company because the modern customers demands change.  We love building games so you will never have to worry about us getting complacent and stagnant.  We are currently wrapping up our 3rd complete platform that will be an industry shaker!  Give us a call for more information and to get on the VIP list to enroll your location.