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Gambling has to be defined legally before we can understand what sets a sweepstakes contest apart.Gamblings definition must include the three following elements:

1. Prize
2. Chance
3. Consideration

There are two similarities between gambling and sweepstakes contests. Both have prizes, and both have the element of chance. When you play a scratch-off game from you grocery store, and when you pull the lever on the slot machine at the casino, there is a chance to win in a prize in both ways. The difference is that there is no consideration on the scratch-off game from the grocery store. Consideration means that you have to pay directly to enter the game. While the casino is very straightforward about paying to play, the scratch off game is a benefit of choosing to shop at that store. There is a free entry into the game for shopping at the store.

This is exactly how sweepstakes gaming works. Customers don’t purchase entries into the “game” or “sweepstakes;” instead they purchase time on the computer, or in some cases long-distance phone time. When the customers purchase this product, they are provided free entries into the sweepstakes game. And instead of scratching off the tickets to see if they won free groceries at the store, they are playing on the sweepstakes machines to reveal if they have won or not. In short, the sweepstakes machines are just like the scratch-off contest from the greocery store, and the internet or phone time is like the groceries. This makes sweepstakes legal.

This is a very popular question, and the answer is that there is no short answer. There are many different types of games, and different manufacturers specialize in different types of games. It all depends on your customer base and what they would like to use. The best way to determine the best software fit is to contact Sweepstakes University directly so that we can walk you through the process of software selection. Asking what’s the best sweepstakes software is like asking what’s the best cell phone on the market. We can say that the iPhone is the best, but in fact what you may need is a rugged phone with a walkie-talkie option and no internet connectivity. We need to understand more about your end application before we can help you select the right software for your business.Some of the criteria for selecting the type of software include:

1. What games are popular in your area or with your audience?
2. How large is your location?
3. How much do you plan to spend on your business?
4. How many sweepstakes machines will you need?

The long and short of it is that there is no single software application that is the best for every application. So how do you move forward with selecting the best software for your business? The answer is you give us a call at Sweepstakes University so that we can guide you through the process, working through any obstacles or challenges along the way. We are driven to make you successful, because your success is our success in the business. You need an expert in the field to guide you through the challenges and potential pitfalls along the path of selecting the right software. That’s why we’re here – to educate and bring our customers up to speed so that they can make the most informed decisions about setting up their businesses.

People will always be hesitant to jump in to a business that has the potential to generate so much revenue because there is risk involved. Naysayers will always point out of the negatives over the positives, and try to guarantee that you’re going to fail. The answer is that people have been trying to shut down the industry for years, and it’s still a wide-open opportunity. People that started years ago are relishing the rewards of hard work and taking the leap to make a viable business plan come alive.If you start your businees with the right games and the right partner, your’re over half way home to a very lucrative future. Like in any business venture there is risk, and anyone that tries to tell you that opening any business is not risky is not telling you the truth. Despite legal battles across a handful of states, these businesses are still growing strong. Independent business people all over the country who accept that business ventures have a certain amount of risk are becoming very wealthy and successful. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of this success?

The total cost to open a sweepstakes cafe or parlor depends on many different things. The capital to open the business with just two machines will vary greatly from the individual or business owner operating dozens. But the main variable and cost driver is how many machines you choose to have in your location. You also have to figure in rent or lease as well as construction costs and which games you want installed.Costs can run from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand. It all depends on the scope and size of your business. At Sweepstakes University we are very scalable in our approach, so no matter what size your business you should give us a call and we can guide you through the process.


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